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Agni Purana is a very ancient mythology. This mythology is a very important mythology in a classical and thematic way. There are 12 thousand verses, 383 chapters available in Agni Purana. The Lord God himself had told this Puran to Maharishi Vashishtha. Therefore the name of this Puran is famous Agni Purana. Many of thematic and informal experiments are in the Agni Purana.

Agneye Hi Puranasamini All Vidya: Exhibit: (Agni Purana)

In the Padma Purana, the Puranas are described as the exact form of Lord Bishnu. Their various organs are called Puranas only. Agni Purana is said to be the left step of Shri Hari from this point of view.

Agni Purana is the coordination of many disciplines under which the initiation method, Sandhu Pujaan method, description of the family of Lord Krishna, Prana-Pratishtha method, Vastu worship method, Samvat saro’s name, Sushma narration, Abhishek method, temple creation fruits, Deeppan fast , Date fast, war fast, day fast, month fast, charity wealth, rajdharma, different dreams, shakun-oysters, good luck of men and women, Recognition, symptoms of sex, symptoms of snakes, medical treatment of snakebite, travel travel method, Shraddha kalpa, element initiation, deity establishment, counting of monuments, Bali Vaishvav, planetary device, trilokya mohanmantra, heaven-hell description, siddhi mantra, grammar , Many science fiction and poetry, poetry, poetry, dramatics, ornaments, dictionaries, yogangs, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Rudra Shanti, Rasa, Fishery, Kurma incarnations This ancient mythology is very important in Indian literature.

The fruits of Agni Purana: –

The Agni Purana has been told by the mouth of the Agni Purana: By listening to this mythology, man becomes the master of many different types of learning. Those who listen to the Brahmmogara Agni Purana do not fear the ghosts, vampires etc. By listening to this Puran Brahmin Brahmavetta, the owner of the Kshatriya kingdom, the owner of Vaishya Dhan, the Shudra becomes healthy and all his sins are destroyed. Not only this, in the house of Agni Puran, there is no fear of obstruction, disaster, misery, theft etc. there is absolutely no fear. Therefore, must listen to the story of Agni Puran.

Introduction of fire purana: –

To get the Agni Puran story, first of all the scholars should get the best distance from Brahmins. Shravan-Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Agahan, Magh, Phalgun, Baishakh and the Senior Month are special auspicious for Agni Purana. But according to scholars, the day the Agni Puran narrative starts, the same auspicious moment.

Where to organize Agni Purana?

The place should be highly sacred to get fire puran. The special significance of burning a fire in the birth land is given to it – the Janani Jivanwarashsharma: Swargadipi Garishi – apart from this, we can also get special results by arranging Agni Purana in the pilgrimages. Even then, where the mind reaches satisfaction, the auspicious fruit is attained by doing a narrative in that place.

Rules for fire purification: –

The speaker of Agni Purana should be a scholar Brahmin. He should have knowledge of scriptures and Vedas. In the Agni Puran, all Brahmins should be virtuous and be good-conducters. They fasten the seams and sing Gayatri every day. Brahmin and the host both fast for seven days. Eat only once. Food should be pure vegetarian. If the health is not good then you can eat food.


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