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future purana

This mythology is of very high quality in terms of content and narrative style. There is a wonderful collection of topics related to religion, virtue, policy, preaching, various narrative, fasting, pilgrimage, charity, astrology and ayurveda. In the form of Vetel-Vikram-Dialogy, story-management is very pleasant in it. Apart from this, there is also a detailed description of the daily cremation, sacrament, maritime sympathy, peace and nurturing and worship of many auspicious people. [1] In the future mythology describes the future events. This shows that in the Puran Purana long before the birth of Jesus and Muhammad sahab [2], Maharishi Ved Vyas wrote about the origin and development of Muslim religion while writing the Puranic texts and the Christian faith and the Christian religion initiated by them. . [3]

This ancient Purana is the basis of all modern history of India. The third and fourth chapters of this antiquity contain important historical material. History writers have often taken the basis of this. In it, the medieval Harshavardhana is the authentic history of Hindu kings and Alauddin, Muhammad Tughlaq, Timurlung, Babur and Akbar etc. It is a representation of all rituals in its middle class. The topics discussed in this fast and charitable topics are also very important. In such detail, the description of the vows does not occur in any mythology, religion, or in the volume of any freelance collection. Hemadri, Vartakalpadruam, Vrattnankar, Vrataraj etc. have been sheltered for future generations mainly in future literature.

A comprehensive description of sunlight and its significance is found in ‘the future purana’. It is not available in any other Puran. Therefore this Puran is also called ‘Solar Book’. This book is not very ancient. In this Puran receives very accurate description of two thousand years. According to ‘Vibhav Purana’, the number of its verses should be around fifty thousand, but at present, only twenty-eight thousand verses are available. This mythology has been divided into four sections – Brahma Parva, Madhyam Gala, Parikshit Parva and Uttara Gala. In the theme of ‘Future Puran’, the glory of the sun, its ultimate stunning form, his family, his worship method, the various fasting fasting, the method of doing them, the marine science, the physical traits of men and women, the examination of gems and gems Legislation, different types of psalms, descriptions of many types of drugs, detailed knowledge of vrp linguistics, mention of diverse dynasties, varied Indian rites, then social System, education system and architecture, etc. have been highlighted in detail on them.

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