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National vegetable

  1. India: Pumpkin is considered the national vegetable of India.
  2. Bangladesh: Eggplant (Brinjal) is commonly regarded as the national vegetable of Bangladesh.
  3. Bhutan: The chili pepper holds cultural and culinary significance and is often considered.
  4. Thailand: Thai eggplant, also known as Ma-Keua in Thai, is often considered a representative vegetable of Thailand.
  5. Malaysia: The bitter gourd, known as Peria Katak in Malay, is often associated with Malaysian cuisine.
  6. United States: Corn (Maize) is often considered a significant crop and vegetable in the United States.
  7. United Kingdom: The Leek is often associated with Welsh cuisine and is considered a national symbol of Wales.
  8. France: Artichoke (Artichaut) is highly regarded in French cuisine and culture.
  9. Italy: The Tomato (Pomodoro) is widely used in Italian cuisine and is considered a staple ingredient.
  10. Japan: The Eggplant (Nasu) holds cultural and culinary significance in Japan.
  11. South Korea: Kimchi Cabbage (Baechu) is a key ingredient in Korean cuisine and is deeply ingrained in the culture.
  12. China: The Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choy) is widely used in Chinese cooking.


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