NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Making Pots

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Making Pots



1.Why did the crow need a pot?
Ans. Crow needed a pot to fill water. He wanted to wash his beaks with water.

2.Who all helped the crow to make the pot?
Ans. Following things and people helped the crow to make the pot: Blacksmith, trowel, clay pit and potter.

3.What things did the potter need?
Ans. Potter needed clay from the clay pit.

4.Are there utensils made of clay in your house? Which are these?
Ans. Yes, there is a flower vase made of clay in my house.

5.If someone gives you clay, will you be able to make some utensils from it?
Ans. No, I will not be able to make utensils from it.

6.What will happen if you store water in these pots overnight?
Ans. The clay will dissolve in water and the pot will break.

7.We often keep water in a clay pot at home or in the school. Why do these pots not get spoilt by the water?
Ans. Because, these pots are baked in a kiln.

8.Have you ever seen bricks or pots being baked in a kiln?
Ans. No, I have never seen bricks or pots being baked in a kiln.

9.If we had pots made only of clay and all of them had broken or got spoilt, what would we have done?
Ans. We would have to make another pot again.

10.Long, long ago, when people did not have any pots, what did those people do?
Ans. When people did not have pots, they used leaves and shells of pumpkin to hold something.

11.Why would people have made pots?
Ans. They needed something to store water and milk. So they made pots.

12.Imagine—one day all the pots disappear from the world. What will happen in your house?
Ans. Pots help us doing our work conveniently. We eat in a pot, store everything in pots, carry everything in pots etc. If pots disappear, our life will be in trouble.

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