Shraddha’s 96 Opportunities Tells Future Purana

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Shraddha’s 96 Opportunities Tells Future Purana

There is a special time for patriarchal elders. In this favor, the ancestors are satisfied with the law of law. Although the future tells 96 opportunities of the ancient Purana Shraddha. Less faith in Shraddha is more important. With respect to the sunrise, bathing the sun with black sesame, or by chanting the seventh chapter of the Gita, offer its virtue to the ancestors, even then the ancestors are satisfied and the wealth, the yash-kirt , Increase in son-paternalism.

This was stated by Jyotishcharya Pt. Sharad Chandra Mishra. He said that in the future Puranas it has been said that ‘Amayuganu Kranti Dhiti Pataya Mahalaya: Ashtaknavataka’s Prevayudu: Shraddharnavarthi Sheet ‘.. That is, 96 occasions of Shraddha, namely 12 months of the new moon, 4 Yugaadi dates, 14 Mandvi dates of the beginning of humans, 12 Sankranti, 12 validity yoga, 12 Vyaparti yoga, 15 Mahalaya Shraddha, 5 Ashtaka, 5 nyakhtaka and 5 Purveyu.

Apart from this, every date of the paternal party is sacred for Shraddha but there are special dates in it – Chauhath Kalyani or Chauhan Bharni, Kalyani Panchami or Bharni Panchami, Mother Navami, Prashatt Chaturdashi, all grandmother Amavasya and Matamah Pratipada.

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