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10 Effective Ways to Identify Unknown Callers and Protect Yourself

Getting calls from unknown phone numbers is a common occurrence that often piques our curiosity. Whether it’s a prankster, an old acquaintance, a telemarketer, a robocall, or even a potential stalker, knowing who is calling you is vital to take appropriate action, such as blocking the number or returning the call. With so many phone lookup tools available, choosing the right one can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top websites that can help you identify unknown callers, along with their key features, pros, cons, and website links.

Intelius: Enhancing Customer Security and Privacy

Intelius is a highly reliable reverse phone lookup website that can provide comprehensive information about unknown callers. Using its extensive database obtained from trusted channels, Intelius can quickly retrieve details such as name, address, age, potential relatives, and phone type associated with an unknown phone number. The website also offers a free basic search that reveals the location, line type, and carrier of an unknown number.


  1. faster processing of queries
  2. Detailed report on unknown callers
  3. Top-notch user privacy and security
  4. Unlimited background searches for paying customers


  1. Limited to the US, lacks a global database
  2. Free service lacks a name and proper address information

Truthfinder: uncovering additional information

Truthfinder is a powerful public search engine that provides access to detailed public records. With its reverse phone lookup feature, you can identify the caller behind unknown numbers and gather information about their landline or mobile phone calls. TruthFinder is available as a free download for Android and iOS devices, offering in-app purchases for advanced features and information. Integration with Facebook further enhances the accuracy of contact information.


  1. Mobile apps available for Android and iOS
  2. Full details available on paid plans
  3. Clear instructions on how to access the information
  4. up-to-date contact details


  1. No option to buy individual reports
  2. No trial period provided

Social Catfish: Quickly Identify Unknown Callers

Social Catfish offers a free reverse phone number lookup service that enables you to check the caller ID of unknown numbers without having to answer the call. It offers both manual and automatic search options. In manual mode, you can enter phone number digits in the search bar, while automatic mode displays information immediately when a call is received. Social Catfish’s database reveals caller ID, social media profiles, address, location, family members, and any criminal records associated with the unknown caller.


  1. Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service
  2. Can be accessed through mobile devices without downloading software
  3. accurate search report
  4. quick and instant results


cannot provide additional information, such as the caller’s occupation

PeopleFinders: Caller Identification Unveiled with Detailed Reports

PeopleFinders is primarily a business directory that provides comprehensive information about various businesses, including their addresses, websites, email addresses, and phone numbers. Additionally, PeopleFinders offers reverse phone lookup services and access to social media accounts. By acting as an online directory, PeopleFinders simplifies the process of gathering business information, eliminating the need to search through multiple websites. Its user-friendly interface ensures instant results.


  1. Accessible and easy-to-use platform
  2. Quick display of search results
  3. Provides business information for local and international businesses
  4. Extensive database to collect information


People search is limited, with a focus on business profiles


Instant Checkmate – The Ultimate Reverse Phone Lookup Directory

Instant Checkmate is a leading provider of public information, offering the largest and most comprehensive reverse phone lookup directory. This powerful tool saves you valuable time by providing all the necessary information in one place. Whether you’re dealing with unknown callers or want to follow up on missed calls from known individuals, Instant Checkmate has you covered.

Using Instant Checkmate’s app, you can easily identify telemarketers and block them once their phone numbers are identified. In addition, you can gain insight into social media profiles and contact information associated with the caller through their reverse phone lookup service.

key features:

Background Check: Perform a thorough background check by accessing social media profiles and contact information in a convenient and consolidated manner.

Reverse Phone Lookup Services: Get valuable information about unknown callers, so you can make informed decisions about incoming calls.

People Search: Easily search for individuals and access their criminal records, while also having the option to send a contact request if they are not in your phonebook.

Prisoner Search: Find prisoners, convicts, or inmates with the help of Instant Checkmate’s extensive database.

👍 pros 👎 cons

  1. Provides comprehensive reports through a single search. – No option to buy individual reports.
  2. Reasonable five-day period on the payment plan. – It may take some time for the report to load.
  3. Clear explanation on how to use the information effectively.
  4. User-friendly interface for a smooth experience.

SearchPeopleFree – ensuring data integrity and information security

SearchPeopleFree is a powerful and secure tool that offers a free trial version, allowing you to uncover details about unknown callers. By simply entering a phone number in the search bar, you can get relevant information about the caller.

The research report prepared by SearchPeopleFree includes important details such as name, address, age, court records, relatives, and contact information. Additionally, it differentiates between landline and mobile phone numbers, giving you a comprehensive overview.

key features:

  1. Reverse Phone Number Lookup: Gain insight into the identity of unknown callers and understand their background.
  2. Public Records: Access comprehensive information including name, address, age, date of birth, court records, relatives, and contact details.
  3. Background Check: Get a deeper understanding of the person who called you by searching their history and relevant records.
  4. Free Reverse Phone Lookup: Get valuable information about the caller at no cost.
  5. Reverse Email Lookup: Learn more about the people using your email addresses.

👍 pros 👎 cons

  1. Customizable and user-friendly interface. – Limited information is provided in the free trial version.
  2. Affordable pricing packages.
  3. Reliable and accurate results.
  4. Instant search report generation.


PeopleFinderFree – Secure your finances from scammers with comprehensive results

PeopleFinderFree is an exceptional people search engine designed to help you uncover valuable information such as criminal records, social media profiles, and contact details. With its reverse phone lookup feature, you can get information about the identity of unknown callers. The site has a robust database that thoroughly verifies all information before presenting it in a detailed report.

In addition, PeopleFinderFree helps you reconnect with people from your past by verifying your contact information. The search report includes essential details such as phone numbers, identification, background checks, court records, addresses, ages, and dates of birth. Additionally, you can access supplemental information such as sex offender records, arrest records, and traffic tickets.

key features:

  1. Public Search: Access comprehensive records including property information, age, and appraisal reports.
  2. Reverse Phone Number Lookup: Learn more about the individuals who called you from unknown numbers.
  3. Address Lookup: Get details about the caller’s location and property ownership.
  4. Background Check: Uncover court records, arrest records, and traffic tickets.

👍 pros 👎 cons

  1. Accurate information is provided on the site. – Opting out of the service is not available online.
  2. Monthly signup gives users access to comprehensive information. Can present a large amount of information.
  3. user-friendly interface.
  4. Linked to a comprehensive database of records.

FastPeopleSearch – The easiest way to identify unknown callers

FastPeopleSearch is a user-friendly people search engine that helps you identify people who called, texted or emailed you. Using the reverse phone lookup feature, you can verify the identity of the caller before deciding to return the call or block missed calls. The platform acts as a shield against telemarketers and stalkers by blocking unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

FastPeopleSearch’s search reports provide not only social media contacts and contact information but also information about a person’s address, employment history, and education. All data is conveniently displayed on one screen, saving you valuable time and money.

key features:

  1. Public Records: Get access to comprehensive information including addresses, employment history, and education.
  2. Phone Number Search: Gain insight into the identity of callers from unknown numbers.
  3. Email Search: Uncover senders’ identities and information through their email addresses.
  4. People Search: Find information about people by name.
  5. Address Lookup: Learn more about the caller’s area code and property ownership at a specific address.

👍 pros 👎 cons

  1. User-friendly interface with information displayed on one screen. – Sometimes out-of-date and incorrect information.
  2. Provides the facility of searching reports through a comprehensive database.
  3. Instant display of caller information.
  4. Provides free results.

Whitepages – Uncover Personal Information with a Premiere Service

Discover the identity of unknown callers with Whitepages, a leading people search engine. By using a comprehensive public records database, WhitePages ensures a legitimate process of identifying callers and phone carriers. Additionally, the platform offers a convenient telephone finder, allowing users to access business telephone numbers and email addresses. With its exceptional services, Whitepages stands out as one of the most popular sites to reveal the identity of unknown callers.

Search reports sourced from WhitePages’ extensive database include valuable information such as cell phone numbers, landlines, contacts, and more. Users can also access property and business details, financial records, and fraud ratings. In addition, WhitePages provides comprehensive reports on search statistics, lien records, and professional licenses.

key features:

  1. Business Search: Access telephone numbers and email addresses of businesses.
  2. Reverse Phone Lookup: Gather information about the person who called you from unknown phone numbers or alternate numbers.
  3. Background Check: Gather social media and contact information through comprehensive searches.
  4. Reverse Address Lookup: Find caller identification and information on the owners of the home or property at a specific address.
  5. People Search: Use a person’s name to find information such as relatives, contacts, and addresses.

👍 pros 👎 cons

  1. Affordable and straightforward pricing structure. – Limited availability, limited to US users.
  2. Provides free background check. – Information may not always be 100% accurate.
  3. Provides valuable business information.
  4. Instant Search Results.

Truecaller – Identify unknown calls & block spam

Truecaller is an advanced caller identification tool that not only helps identify unknown incoming calls but also warns against unwanted calls through a community-based spam list. By leveraging information collected from various networks, Truecaller classifies calls as spam or safe, empowering users to effectively filter out telemarketers, unwanted calls, and fraudsters.

Through Truecaller’s search functionality, users gain access to phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and names associated with a person or address. In addition, Truecaller enables users to determine the origin of the call before deciding whether to answer or block it.

key features:

  1. Caller ID: Learn more about callers from unknown phone numbers.
  2. Spam Blocking: The community reports spam numbers, and Truecaller automatically blocks unwanted calls.
  3. MESSAGING: Send text messages seamlessly within the Truecaller app, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps.
  4. Intelligent Dialer: Identify the exact identity of the person you are calling by their displayed name.
  5. Profile View Notification: Receive an alert when someone views your profile.
  6. Ghost Phone Calls: Schedule and make ghost phone calls to avoid real-life spammers.

👍 pros 👎 cons

  1. Supports both mobile apps and web-based platforms. – Some information, such as who viewed your profile, is limited to the paid plan.
  2. Offers a free version with caller ID functionality. – Results may not always be completely accurate.
  3. Provides integrated messaging and calling features.
  4. Provides instant information.

Best Tools to Find Who Called You

Name Reverse phone lookup Public record search Free Trial/Refund Policy Link
👍 Intelius ✔️ ✔️ 6-Day Free Trial for $0.95 Learn More
👍 TruthFinder ✔️ ✔️ 30-Day Money-back Guarantee Learn More
Social Catfish ✔️ ✔️ 6-Day Free Trial for $5.73 Learn More
PeopleFinders ✔️ ✔️ 30-Day Money-back Guarantee Learn More
Spokeo ✔️ ✔️ Basic Search Results are Free Learn More
Instant Checkmate ✔️ ✔️ 30-Day Money-back Guarantee Learn More

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