angry birds names

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angry birds names

  1. Red: Red is the main character in the Angry Birds game series. He is known for his short temper and determination to save the eggs from the green pigs. He is a round, red bird with thick eyebrows and a fierce expression.
  2. Chuck: Chuck is a yellow bird with a fast and furious personality. He has the ability to accelerate and dash through structures, causing destruction. He is known for his high-speed attacks and energetic nature.
  3. Bomb: A bomb is a black bird with a volatile temper. When tapped, he explodes, causing massive damage to the surrounding structures and pigs. He is a heavyset bird with a short fuse.
  4. Matilda: Matilda is a white bird with a kind and nurturing nature. She has the ability to drop explosive eggs from above, causing widespread destruction. She is known for her motherly instincts and gentle demeanor.
  5. Stella: Stella is a pink bird with a bubbly and cheerful personality. She has the ability to blow bubbles that can trap and lift objects. She is known for her agility and creativity in solving puzzles.
  6. Terence: Terence is a large, silent bird with a stern and intimidating presence. He has immense strength and can plow through structures effortlessly. He is known for his brute force and unwavering determination.
  7. Bubbles: Bubbles is an orange bird with the ability to inflate like a balloon. When tapped, he expands in size, pushing nearby objects and pigs away. He is known for his playful nature and bouncy movements.
  8. Hal: Hal is a green bird with a boomerang-shaped crest on his head. He has the ability to change direction mid-flight and hit targets from different angles. He is known for his clever and strategic approach to solving challenges.
  9. Stella: Stella is a purple bird introduced in later versions of the Angry Birds game. She has the ability to split into three smaller birds and change direction in mid-air. She is known for her versatility and adaptability.
  10. Silver: Silver is a silver-colored bird with a sleek and aerodynamic design. She has the ability to loop and glide through obstacles, making precise and calculated attacks. She is known for her grace and precision in gameplay.

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