CBSE Class 7 English Writing Skills Article Writing

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CBSE Class 7 English Writing Skills Article Writing

CBSE Class 7 English Writing Skills Article Writing


Question 1.

Cruelty to animals is growing day by day due to human greed. This is not good for the ecosystem. Animals too are a part of our life. You have been asked to write an article ‘Live and Let Live’ in order to create awareness. You are Rohit.


Live and Let Live                                                    —Rohit

God created their world not for the benefit of mankind alone. No doubt man today is the master of the earth. He has tamed even tigers and elephants and king Cobras. But his brain-superiority does not give him the right to hunt down all kinds and species of animals. .
Animals normally live in forests. They don’t attack us unless we provoke them or encroach in their territoiy. They are as rule afraid of us. They serve some useful purposes. So killing them for pleasure or for their skin and bones is a sin and a crime.
We need to learn to live together not only with our fellow beings but also with all the creatures created by God.’ In other words, we should live ourselves as well let others also live in peace. War, hunting and violence are against the will of God and the law of the land. Coexistence should be our motto.

Question 2.

Water is one of the most precious gifts of nature. But it is unfortunate that we don’t understand its worth and over-exploit this resource for our selfish purposes. It is a matter of serious attention that water must be conserved at all costs. Write an article for your school magazine, urging the fellow students to save water. You are Mohit/Mohita.


Save Water, Save Life                         —Mohit

Water is that Amrita which daily sustains our life on the earth. We need water for daily use at home and for agriculture. Drinking water is however limited. We get it mainly from the cloucls and glaciers. If this resource is used wisely, then there will be no problem. But unfortunately it is being over-exploited. Our ever-increasing popu¬lation has created scarcity of water. It is predicted that by 2025, nearly two billion people will live in absolute water scarcity. This is a signal to be cautious enough in the use of water. Every drop of water is precious and it must not go in vain. Water shortage is a grim reality for the cities as well as villages. We need to wake up to it now then be sorry later. We must think about the ways to conserve this precious resource. We must conserve water in ponds and tanks. We should be rationale to¬wards using it. We should try our best to use water cautiously for our sale. If we continue to use it recklessely, we will have to face dire consequences. By saving water we will save ourselves.

Question 3.

The Increase of the population of our country has led to the shrinking of fprest cover. The cutting of the forest causes what is called MThe Green House Effect”. It results in the heating of the earth’s surface which has serious consequences. Write an article on the topic ‘The Importance of Tree Plantation.


Importance of Tree Plantation                                                 —Monika


Trees are important for us. They give us innumerable things. They purify air without which we cannot imagine to exist. But man has thoughtlessly cut down forests and other trees for his selfish needs. This has resulted in the imbalance of environment. Lack of trees makes air impure. Hence, it is high time to understand the worth of : our forests and avoid cutting them. We should also encourage tree plantation. ‘Grow
more trees’ should be our motto. We can save our life from dangerous consequence by planting more and more trees. It is also necessary to spread awareness among common people. People should be motivated to realise the importance of tree planta-tion. Let us take a pledge to plant trees in more and more numbers and promote others for this noble cause.

Question 4.

Recently CBSE has introduced a new pattern of assessment of students’ performance in schools. This system aims at overall growth of students personality. Do you think this system is comfortable with the students of your class? Write an article on the issue ‘CCE : A way to New Education’. You are Ruchi.


CCE : A way to New Education                                                   —Ruchi

CBSE has announced a new pattern of education from class VI onwards. This system – – includes two methods of evaluation-Summative Assessment and Formative Assessment. Summative Assessment evaluates the academic performance of a student. Formative Assessment is an assessment of the non-academic performance of a Student. Summative Assessment is simple but Formative Assessment has a large scope of assessment. A teacher has to count the personality, behaviour, activities, attitude and other extra curricular activities of a student. As I think, it promotes a tendency ‘ of being perfect throughout the year. It helps in personality building. The pattern of
questions in Summative Assessment does not put any pressure on us but it sharpens our intelligence. So I think, the new assessment is very helpful for us.

Question 5.

Education is a boon to humanity. It builds up our confidence. But it is shocking that in our country a lot of children don’t get even basic education. Prepare on article on the topic ‘Need of Education for All’. You are Rahul.


Need of Education for All                                                     —Rahul

It is education that differentiates men from animals. In other words, we can say
that a man without education is no more than an animal. Education brings perfection ‘ in man’s life. Hence, it is necessary to educate one and all. The world today is full
of competition. Only a man with a good education can be able to face any competition. But it is unfortunate that thousands of our small children remain deprived of even basic education. They are seen engaged in various activities such as rag picking, collecting garbage from households, doing work as domestic helps. These children
don’t know what is meant by going to school. These children should be saved at all costs. They must be sent to school so that they may get atleast basic education. Awareness should be spread in the country in order to highlight the importance of education for all. Each and every boy and girl is entitled to go to school.

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