Extra Questions – Our Environment – CBSE Class 10 Science

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Extra Questions – Our Environment – CBSE Class 10 Science

Topics and Subtopics in NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 15 Our Environment:

Section Name Topic Name
15 Our Environment
15.1 Eco-System — What Are Its Components?
15.2 How Do Our Activities Affect The Environment?

Define environment?
The biotic and abiotic factors which surrounds any living organism is considered as its environment. It can be generally defined as a community of organisms living in a particular environment and the physical elements in that environment with which they interact.

What is a food chain?
The process of eating autotrophs by herbivores and herbivores being eaten by other animals is considered as food chain.

List out the components in a food chain?
The various components of a food chain include 1. Plants 2. Herbivores 3. Carnivores and4. Decomposers. Each of these is placed in different trophic levels.

What is a food web?
Interconnected food chains form a food web.

What is pollution?
Any undesirable change in the environment is considered as pollution. The change may be in the air, water, or soil.

Explain the effects of human activity on the environment?
Any type of change that people make in our environment affects the animals, plants and the land. Some changes are helpful. Some may be harmful to the environment.
Clearing land for farming, construction of homes, roads, and shopping centers is helpful to people, but animal habitats and plants may be destroyed. Clearing of land may result in soil erosion and the eventual loss of topsoil.

Define ozone layer?
Ozone is a form of oxygen. Each ozone molecule is made of three oxygen atoms, so its chemical formula is O3. But unlike oxygen, ozone is a poisonous gas, and an increase in its concentration at ground level is harmful. But in the stratosphere, where ozone exists naturally, it blocks out the sun’s ultraviolet rays and is a lifesaver.

Why is the ozone layer loss more in cold regions?
Ozone loss is most severe in the world’s coldest regions because of clouds in the stratosphere known as polar stratospheric clouds. They provide a surface on which the chemical reactions that result in the destruction of ozone takes place.

What are the after effects of ozone depletion?
Ozone depletion will create holes in the stratosphere, which will allow the UV rays to enter the earth. The UV ray that reaches the skin can cause disastrous effect.

Why is it necessary to manage our garbage?
Healthy living requires a clean surrounding hence it is very essential to dispose our garbage in a proper way. Proper managing of our garbage can keeps us free from much communicable disease.

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