NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 2

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 2



Reading is Fun
1.Name the two birds in the poem?
Ans. Robin and jay.

2. What are the three things that people can’t do?
Ans. The three things that people can’t do—
(i)They can’t grow feathers.
(ii)They can’t eat beetles.
(iii)They can’t sit on wires.

3. What do birds think of people?
Ans. Birds think that people are funny creatures because they (people) differ from them (birds) in many aspects.

Talk Time
1.Imagine what two elephants would say to each other about people. Let them talk about
— what people look like— what they eat
— how they walk You can say
Look at that man’s nose See how small it is!

  • Look at the size of the man.
  • He is so small!
  • He eats cooked food and that too in such a small quantity.
  • He walks on two small and thin legs.

2. Let’s find two things which you can do and the birds can’t do. Tell the class.

  • We can read and write but the birds can’t.
  • We can think wisely but the birds can’t.

Let’s Write 
1.Listen to the sounds of the birds. Make a list of these words.
For example: chirp, chirp, chirp.
Ans. twitter, twitter, twitter coo, coo, coo

2.Now write four sentences on birds using the following words.
nest  water  chirp  fly  sky  wings

  • Birds live in nests.
  • They have wings to fly.
  • They fly high in the sky.
  • In the morning they come out of their nests and chirp loudly around them.
  • They drink water whenever they feel thirsty.

3.Write words that rhyme with the words given below.
The first one has been done for you.
Grow   know   throw
day                 bay         say
think            blink       sink
funny           bunnv     sunnv
eat                 meat        neat
sing               Thing       king



Reading is Fun
1.Why was there great joy in Nina’s house?
Ans. There was great joy in Nina’s house because Nina’s aunt was getting married and all her family members were going to Delhi to attend the wedding.

2.Why was Nina worried?
Ans. Nina was worried because they were going to Delhi for a wedding and so the house would be locked. It would cause a problem for papa and mama sparrows to feed their babies in Nina’s room.

3. What did mother suggest?
Ans. Mother suggested that they would remove all Nina’s things from the room and lock the door on the outside. Then they would leave her room’s window open to let papa and mama sparrow feed their babies Comfortably.

4.What did Nina find when she came back from the wedding?
Ans. When she came back from the wedding she found two fat little sparrow flying all over the roQm.

Talk Time
1.How do baby sparrows eat?
Ans. Baby sparrows do not eat themselves. The father or mother sparrow put food in their beaks with their own beaks and thus help them eat.

2. What new things would you like to wear for a wedding?
Ans. I would like to wear a beautiful top and jeans with a beautiful high healed sandal.

Picture Story
1. Number the jumbled picture story correctly?
Then write the story in proper order.
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 2 Picture Story Q1
Write the story here.
Ans.1.Nina is sad.
2.Mother asks why?
3.Nina does not want to leave the baby sparrows alone.
4.Mother says, “We will leave the window open.” ‘
5.Nina is happy again.

1.Let’s make a Bird
Ans. See NCERT Textbook Page 20 and then try to make a bird.

Word Building
1.Write down suitable words describing each picture. Pick up the words from the list given below:
beautiful    black     red    happy     tall    fat
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 2 Word Building Q1
Now describe these pictures in your own language.

  • Sonali is a fat woman.
  • Red roses are beautiful flowers.
  • Sonu is a happy boy.
  • I saw a beautiful peacock in the zoo.
  • The teacher writes on a black board.
  • The tall man is very thin.

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