NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Families Can Be Different

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Families Can Be Different



1.How did you feel when you could join a group of required number? Why?
Ans. I felt good when I could join a group of required number. I was feeling like a part of the group.

2.How did you feel if you could not join any group? Why? 
Ans. I felt bad when I could not join any group. I was feeling isolated.

3.Do you like to be with people?
Ans. Yes, I like to be with people.

4.With whom do you like to be more?
Ans.I like to be more with my sister.

5.How would you feel if you always had to be alone?
Ans. I will feel sad when I have to be alone.

6.How are these people related to each other?
Ans. Nagarajan and Gurleen are parents of Tanya and Samar. Tanya and Samar are sister and brother.

1.Who all are there in Sitamma’s family?
Ans. Following people are there in Sitamma’s family:
Sitamma, mother, father, sister Gitamma, grandmother, grandfather, bua, tauji, tauji’s three children elder chacha, younger chacha and chachi.

2.How is the relationship between the different people in the family?
Ans. Tauji, father, younger chacha and elder chacha are four brothers. They have one sister; Bua. All of them are the children of grandfather and grandmother. Gitamma and Sitamma are two sisters.
Tauji is father’s elder brother, elder chacha is younger to father and elder to younger chacha. .

3.In the last one year what are the changes that happened in the family?
Ans. Following changes happened in the family last year:

  • Taiji died.
  • Elder chacha was married.

1.Who takes care of Tara? How?
Ans. Tara’s nana takes care of her. He gives her to eat, helps her in doing homework and plays with her.

2.What are the things the family members do together?
Ans. They go to far off places during vacations and enjoy.

Sara and Habib
1.Who all are there in this family?
Ans. Sara, Habib and Habib’s abbu are there in this family.

2.Abbu enjoys watching television with the others. Why?
Ans. It can be boring to watch television all alone. So, abbu enjoys watching television with the others.

3.How do the family members enjoy?
Ans. On holidays, the neighbour’s children come to their house and create a lot of fun. They play games, go out and at times go for plays and movies. Thus, family members enjoy a lot.

1.How do Totaram’s family members keep contact with each other?
Ans. Totaram writes letters to his mother. They go to their village once in a year. Thus, they keep contact with each other.

2.Which members of Totaram’s family live in the city and which live in the village? Why?
Ans. Totaram’s father, uncle and cousin brother live in the city. Totaram’s father and uncle work there. Totaram and his cousin brother study there. Totaram’s mother, dada, dadi chachi and younger brothers and sisters live in the village.

Krishna and Kaveri
1.How does Krishna take care of his sister?
Ans. Krishna leaves Kaveri at school before going to college. On returning from college, he feeds Kaveri and himself.

2.What activities are done together in the family?
Ans. Father, Krishna and Kaveri get ready and go out together. They cook and eat together in the evening.

3.What are the things that happen in a family?
Ans. Following things happen in a family:

  • People live together in a family.
  • People take care of each other.
  • People eat together.
  • People enjoy watching TV, playing games and going out together.
  • Sometimes, a new member comes in the family.
  • Sometimes, a member of the family dies.
  • Elders in the family work to earn money.
  • Elders in the family also cook food for family members.
  • Children usually study.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Families Can Be Different Q4
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Families Can Be Different Q4.1

5.Think of some other things about your family and write in the space provided.
Ans. Male members usually work to earn money. Female members usually do the household works.

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