NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Our First School

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Our First School



1.Who are there in your family? Write their names and how they are related to you.
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Our First School Q1
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Our First School Q1.1

2.Write the relationship between any two members of your family such as husband- wife, brother-sister, mother-daughter…..
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Our First School Q2
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Our First School Q2.1

3.Look at the picture carefully. Two persons in the picture resemble each other. How do you think they are related?

Ans. Two girls in the picture resemble each other. They are sisters.

4.Is there any similarity between you and any other member of your family-in the way you talk, walk, smile or even in your looks? With whom and how?
Ans. People say that my voice resembles the voice of my father. My nose looks like my mother’s nose.

5.What do your family members call you lovingly?
Ans. Monu.

6.Do you have a pet name?
Ans. Yes, my pet name is Monu.

7.How do you call your family members?
Ans. I call my mother as mummy and father as papa. I call my sister by her pet name,Tullu

8.Is your family involved in any particular work? If yes, what?
Ans. Yes, most of my family members are lawyers.

9.Do you help the family with the work?
Ans. No, I am unable to help in such serious work. But I also want to be a lawyer when I become an adult.

10.You also learnt many things from your family. What and from whom? Has anyone learnt anything from you?
Ans. I have learnt etiquette from my family. My mother has learnt operating a computer from me.

Think and Write
•When I am sad, I go to my mother.
•When I want to know about the past, I go to my grandfather.
•When I want to share my secrets, I go to my sister.
•When I do something wrong, I go to my grandmother.

1.Are there any particular customs followed by your family? What are those?
Ans. Yes, everyone in my family prays to the God before starting a meal,

2.Are there any particular habits in any member of your family, like laughing loudly or singing when they are happy? Imitate them.
Ans. Yes, my father keeps on singing when he takes a bath.

3.How do you show respect to the elders in your family? Look around to see how others show respect.
Ans.Whenever an elder relative comes to our home; we touch their feet to show respect.
I always talk in soft tone with my parents.

When the Old Were Young
1.Ask any older member of your family to tell a funny incident of her or his childhood.
Ans. You can ask your grandparents about such incidents. You can also ask your , parents.

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