NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 7 From The Window

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 7 From The Window

1. What was the difference in the scene that Omana saw from the train on the first day and on the second day?
Ans . saw the gre On the first day of journey Omana saw the fields were dry and brown, but on the second day of her journey he en fields with red soil, and hills covered with trees.

2. Omana saw many kinds of vehicles at the level-crossing. Which of them run on diesel or petrol?
Ans. Buses, trucks and a few cars run on diesel while scooters, cars, motor cycles etc. run on petrol.

3. Why was there so much smoke and noise from the vehicles at the level crossing?
Ans. Because some people did not switch off the engine of their vehicles even while waiting at the railway crossing.

4. Have you ever seen a scene like the one Omana saw in Goa? Describe it.
Ans. Yes, when we go to Nainital from Delhi, the areas on both sides of the highway are lush green. The terrain is plain and very pleasing. When one crosses the Yamuna or the Ganga, it appears as if there is water only for miles and miles.

5. Sometimes people cross the railway tracks even when the crossing is closed. What do you feel about this?
Ans. People should not cross the railway tracks while the crossing is closed. It may be fatal. No one should take such a risk.

1. Have you seen any bridges? Where?
Ans. Yes, I have seen several bridges, while going to Delhi by train.

2. Have you ever crossed a bridge? Where?
Ans. I have crossed many bridges. There comes a bridge over the river Ganges at Allahabad.

3. What was the bridge built over?
Ans. The bridge was built over the river Ganges.

4. What did you see below the bridge?
Ans. I saw water and some boats below the bridge.

5. Find out why bridges are made.
Ans. Bridges are made for people and their vehicles to cross the river.

1.Have you ever been through a tunnel? How did you feel?
Ans. Yes, I have been through a tunnel. In the beginning I used to feel nervous but not anymore because I know it is all safe.

2. The route from Goa to Kerala has a total of 2000 bridges and 92 tunnels! Why do you think there are so many bridges and tunnels?
Ans. In the route of Goa to Kerala the train has to pass through sea coast, many water bodies and hills. So, to cross them there are so many bridges and tunnels.

3. Imagine and draw in your notebook what Omana saw under the bridge when her train crossed it?
Ans. Omana saw water under the bridge. There were some boats and fisherman also.
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4. Imagine, if on the way there had been no tunnels and bridges, how would Omana’s train have crossed the mountains and the rivers?
Ans. If there were no tunnels and bridges across the mountains and rivers, Omana’s train could not have crossed them.

1. Which languages do you speak at home? ,
Ans. We speak Hindi and English at home.

2. On the way from Gujarat to Kerala Omana’s train went through several states of our country. Find out and list which states it crossed.
Ans. It started from Gujarat and crossed Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka and finally entered Kerala.

3. Find out in which states these languages are spoken?
Language  Where it is spoken
Malayalam ………………
Konkani ………………
Marathi ………………
Gujarati ………………
Kannada ………………
Language Where it is spoken
Malayalam kerala
Konkani GOa
Marathi Maharashtra
Gujarati Gujarat
Kannada Karnataka

4. What do you call them?
Your mother’s sister …………
Your mother’s mother …………
Your father’s sister …………
Your father’s mother …………
Your mother’s sister  Mausi
Your mother’s mother  Naani
Your father’s sister  Bua
Your father’s mother  Dadi

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