NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2 A Snake Charmer’s Story

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2 A Snake Charmer’s Story


Think and Tell
1.Have you ever seen anyone playing a been? Where?
Ans.Yes, I have seen snake-charmers playing a been. I have seen them in a fair.

2.Have you ever seen a snake? Where?
Ans. Yes, I have seen a snake. I have seen it with the snake-charmer and also in a paddy field.

3.Were you scared by it? Why?
Ans. Yes, I was scared by it. I have heard that snakes are poisonous.

4.Do you think all snakes are poisonous?
Ans.No, I do not think so.

5.In chapter 1, you read that snakes do not have ears which you can see. Can the snake hear the been or does it dance when the been moves? What do you think?
Ans. Snakes cannot hear the been. They dance when the been moves.

1.Have you ever seen animals being used for entertainment of people? (For example, in a circus, on the road, or in a park.)
(a)When and where did you see this?
Ans. I saw animals being used for entertainment of people, in a circus.
(b)Which animal show did you see?
Ans. The circus had lions, elephants, dogs, hippo and monkeys.

2.How did people behave with the animals in the show?
Ans.The behaviour of most of the people was good towards the animals.

3.Was anyone teasing the animals? How?
Ans.Nobody was teasing the animals. But once in a zoo I have seen some people throwing water bottles at a bear.

4.What kind of questions came to your mind after seeing that animal show?
Ans. Many questions came to my mind after seeing that animal show. Some of them are as follows:
(i)Is it fair to exploit animals for our entertainment?
(ii)How those animals are caught?
(iii)How those animals are trained?
(iv)Do circus people handle those animals with proper care?
(v)It would have been better if all those animals Eire set free.
Imagine that you are an animal in a cage. Think how you would feel. Complete the following sentences:
I am afraid when my trainer beats me in case of a mistake.
I wish I could enjoy my freedom.
I sun sad When I remember my friends in the jungle.
If I had a chance I would run to the forest.
I do not like it at all when people tease me.

1.Like snake-charmers, which other people depend on animals for their livelihood?
Ans. Apart from snake-charmers, Which other people depend on animals for their livelihood. For example; milkman, poultry farmer, tonga wala, farmer, washerman, etc.

Survey—People Who Keep Animals
1.Talk to some people in your neighbourhood who keep one or more animals for their livelihood—for example, a horse for a tonga, hens for eggs, etc.
•Name the animal they keep.
•How many animals are there?
.Is there a separate place for the animals?
•Who looks after them?
•What do the animals eat?
•Do the animals ever fall ill? What does the keeper do then?
•Make some more questions and discuss.
•Make a report on your project and read it out in the class.
Ans.Let us assume Ramlal; the milkman.
He has 5 buffaloes and 7 cows. He has made a shed for these animals. Ramlal and his wife look after the animals. These animals eat grass and other animal fodder. Sometimes, the animals do fall ill. Ramlal takes them to the nearby veterinary hospital. These cows and buffaloes are a source of income for Ramlal. He earns money by selling milk. On a day after Diwali, Ramlal decorates and worships his animals.

What We Have Learnt
1.The government has made a law that no one can catch and keep snakes. What do you think about this law? Give reasons for your answer and write in your own words.
Ans.Animals are often kept in captivity. They are used for entertaining people. For example; snake-charmers use snake and madaris use monkeys to entertain people. Since, they earn livelihood from these animals, so they take good care of these animals. But no animal would like to live as a slave. Everyone likes to enjoy freedom.I think, the government law preventing catching and keeping snakes is a’good law.

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