Stock Group in Tally

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Stock Group in Tally

In Inventory, the stock groups are similar to groups in accounting master. In Tally, the stock group is used to help in the classification of stock items according to their behavior. In Tally, the grouping of stocks enables us to identify and report in a statement as per stock wise. Under stock groups, the stocks can be grouped according to their product type, characteristics, and brand, etc.

Example of Stock Groups

Suppose Javatpoint sells Music systems, PCs and Laptops, the following structure shows the stock items that being sold.

Group A Computers
A1 – Lenov0 13 Inch Laptop – A1a
Lenovo 16 Inch PC – A1b
A2 – Dell Dell 13inch Laptop – A2a
Dell 16 inch Pc – A2b
A3 – HP HP 13inch Laptop – A3a
HP 16 inch PC – A3b

Here, all the PC’s and laptop are grouped under computers. The computer of the main stock group will be created in Tally.

Group B – Music System
B1 – Sony Blue Ray Player – A2a
DVD player – B2b

Here, music products are grouped under the music system. Music system of the main stock group will be created in Tally.

How to Open Stock Groups in Tally

Step 1: Go to Gateway of Tally & Inventory Info

After opening the Tally application, choose the inventory info under the master tab.

Stock Group in Tally

Step 2: Display the list of Inventory Masters under Inventory Information, where we can maintain inventory master data.

  1. Stock groups
  2. Stock Categories
  3. Stock items
  4. Unit of Measures
  5. GoDowns
  6. Voucher Types
  7. Copy Allocation details

In Tally, to work with stock groups, click on the option stock groups.

Stock Group in Tally

Step 3: It displays the two types of stock groups under stock groups.

  1. Single Stock Group
  2. Multiple Stock Groups

In Tally, we are allowed to create, modify, and display single and multiple stock groups.

In a stock group, we can find the total sales, as per the brand-wise at a particular period of time.


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