What is Microsoft Word

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What is Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is word processing software. It is developed by Microsoft and is part of Microsoft Office Suite. It enables you to create, edit and save professional documents like letters and reports.

Brief History:

Microsoft word was released in 1983 as Multi-Tool Word. Its first version was based on the framework of Bravo which was world’s first graphical writing program.

Microsoft renamed Multi Tool Word to Microsoft Word, and then in October 1983, Microsoft released its first version for the IBM PC.

In 1985, Microsoft ported it to the Macintosh which was different from its DOS-based counterpart, i.e. Macintosh offered various major interface changes.

In 1989, Microsoft released a new version of Word for its Windows operating systems. It was the Microsoft Word who introduced the concept of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), i.e. it allowed to create and display bold and italics text.

In 2014, Microsoft developed the source code for Microsoft Word for Windows 1.1a.

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