Bhagwat Purana Introduction

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Bhagwat Purana Introduction

Bhagwat is the most important and famous mythology in the Ashtadhash Puranas. In the calculation of the Puranas, Bhagwat is assumed as the eighth Purana (Bhagwat 12.7.23). Nowadays, there are two myths which hold the Bhagwat character:

(A) Devi Bhagavat and

(B) Shrimad Bhagvat

So who is expected to calculate in the Puran category in both of these? The solution to this question is necessary.

After a variety of review, it appears that it is only fair to believe that Shrimad Bhagwat should be considered as Purana and it is proper to keep the divide of the category in the category of the above. Srimad Bhagavat is silent about the nature of the ideology. But Devi Bhagavat calculates the ‘Bhagwat’ under the supplements (1.3.16) and under its puranas The Bhavnavnopa, described in the Devi-pandham pancham wing, virtually imitates this topic presented in the fifth wing of Shrimad Bhagavat. The eighth verse (5.9.21-28), in the Bhagwad, in the Bhagavad-e-Durga, is described in the same order (8.11.22-29). The difference in the descriptions of both is that the Shrimad Bhagwat, where the scientific subject of the subject of the subject captures the natural medium of prose, there is the use of artificial medium of the devadagya verse in the display of the specificity.

Shrimad Bhagavat presents the devotion and spiritual knowledge. Bhagwat Corporation is considered as the self-will of the corporation, which is derived from the noble Brahmachari and the theologian Maharishi Shuk, by combining his sweet voice into a nectar.

Bhagwat has 18 thousand verses, 335 chapters and 12 wings. In its various sections, the Leelavatars of Vishnu have been described in a very good language. But Dasam Shankar Bhagvat is the heart of Bhagvad Krsna’s elaborate description of Lalit Leela. In other mythologies, such as Vishnupuran (fifth part), Brahmavyvartan (Krishnajnam section) etc, there is a variation of Krishna, but in the tenth spell, the description of lilapurushottam as the heart of lilapurushottam is as unique as the smooth language, gentle pedagogy and devotional, it is unique. Ras Panchadyayi (10.29-33) Spirituality and literature is a unique object in poetry with bisexual views. Venus (10.21), Gopiqi (10.30), duet (10.35), Bhramragya (10.47) have given Bhagwat to the lofty level of poetry.


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