Excel vs. Google Sheets Microsoft Excel

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Excel vs. Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is the spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft that helps in doing data storage, data manipulation, and data mining and to bring out the information which can help in the strategic decision-making process.

Excel vs. Google Sheets

Google Sheet

It is similar to MS Excel, and Google Sheet is also a spreadsheet program. It is in the developing process as compared to the excel, but the platform is developing the features that are highly helpful to the users.

Excel vs. Google Sheets

Comparison between Excel and Google Sheets

Excel vs. Google Sheets

Basic Excel Google Sheets
Price Microsoft Excel is feasible as part of the Microsoft Office suite. The current version of Office is the Office 365, which requires an annual subscription fee of $99. Google Sheets is feasible for free to everyone. There is no one-time or regular subscription fee.
Installation Before Office 365, Microsoft Excel and the Office suite needed a software installation on the computer. With Office 365, Microsoft Excel is now feasible in the cloud and can be created with any Internet browser, excluding the need for the software installation. We can download the Office suite, including Microsoft Excel, and install it on our computer if we prefer. No software installation is needed to use Google Sheets, as it is feasible in the cloud. It can be created with any Internet browser
Features Microsoft Excel provides many features, containing the most common standard features used for creating and formatting spreadsheets. Excel also contains other more advanced features that are less commonly used but can be quite helpful. These advanced features provide adding SmartArt graphics, linking to external data sources and pulling records into worksheets, and forecasting, to name a few. Google Sheets has almost all the similar features as Microsoft Excel, containing cells and text formatting, resizing columns and rows, inserting charts and pictures, building formulas, and others. It requires some of the more advanced features that are feasible in the Microsoft Excel, like adding SmartArt graphics, forecasting, and language translation.
Ease Of Use Users of the previous version will find Microsoft Excel to use. Those who are new to the Microsoft Excel may find it less user-friendly, requiring more effort to locate standard features and formatting option. The user interfaces in excel are not as modernized as another software, and Excel also turns on options by default that clients may find annoying, like some auto-formatting settings. Being feasible in the cloud and having a customer-friendly interface, Google Sheets is simple to access and navigate for the customer of all ages and level of the computer knowledge. Creating, editing, and saving the spreadsheet in Google Sheets needed minimal effort and expertise.
File Types for Saving When saving a spreadsheet in the Microsoft Excel, we can choose between multiple file types to save the data. There are about 20 file types presently applicable, containing Excel spreadsheet (.xls and .xlsx), CSV, PDF, tab-delimited text (.txt), web page (.htm and .html), and more. Google Sheets automatically saves the report in the cloud. Consequently, files are saved as one type. We can download the file as a different file types. There are 6 file formats presently applicable, including Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx), CSV, PDF, and Web Page (.html).
Sharing Files With Microsoft Excel feasible in the cloud as part of the Office 365, files can be shared with another user who also have an Office 365 subscription. Because of the cost of Office 365, we may find it harder to share Excel files with another people because they may not want to pay the regular fee. The alternative is to e-mail a copy of the Excel files with other people to share it with them. Sharing a file with another people in the Google Sheet is very straightforward. All we have to do is enter the e-mail address of individuals with which we want to share a document. Anyone with a Google account can see a record that’s shared with them.
Updates As a part of the Office 365, Microsoft Excel is feasible in the cloud and is automatically updated by Microsoft. If we download and install Microsoft Excel on our computer, updates are automatically used through the Window update process, which is automatic in Windows 10. Because Google Sheet is in the cloud, it is automatically updated by Google and does not require the customer to apply any available updates manually. Google Sheet is always kept up-to-date with the latest features and error fixes.
Security Accessing Office 365 and Microsoft Excel in the cloud needed a Microsoft account. Two-factor authentication can also configured for stronger security. Google takes security very passionately and has implemented strong security in the Google Sheets. User must have a Google account to access the Google Sheets and can set up two-factor authentication for additional protection.
Support Microsoft provides help and training documentation online and in the Microsoft Excel program to users who struggle with various aspects of the application or have questions. There is also a vast community of Microsoft Excel users who can help answer questions. Google supports online training guides and documentation for Google Sheets to help customers who conflict with the program or have questions. There is also the strong online community for the Google Sheets, where users can get help from the other users and professionals.


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