NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Poonams Day Out

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Poonams Day Out



1. Poonam looked up. She saw many animals on the tree. Which animals can you spot on the tree in the picture? Write down their names.


Ans. I can see following animals on the tree:
Pigeon, Squirrel, Crow, Monkey, Butterflies, Ants, Parrots, Cuckoo.

2.Which animals did Poonam see at the pond? Look at the picture and write their names.

Ans. Poonam saw following animals at the pond:
Goat, Tortoise, Crane, Frog, Buffalo, Stork.

3.Can you act like the animals seen in the pond? Which animal makes what kind of sounds and movements? Try to make similar sounds.
Ans.Yes, I can act like the animals seen in the pond.
Given below are the sounds produced by some of the animals.
1.Dog : Bow — Bow
2.Cat : Mew — Mew
3.Lion : Grr — Grr
4.Frog : Croak — Croak
5.Goat:  Mein — Mein
6.Crow : Caw — Caw
7.Cuckoo : Koo — Koo

4.You must have seen many animals too. Write which of them
can fly ——————— ——————— ———————
can crawl ——————— ——————— ———————
can walk ——————— ——————— ———————
can hop ——————— ——————— ———————
have wings ——————— ——————— ———————
have feet ——————— ——————— ———————
have a tail ——————— ——————— ———————
Ans. Can fly Butterfly Pigeon Parrot
Can crawl Lizards Snake Tortoise
Can walk Cow Buffalo Ox
Cap hop Frog Kangaroo Hare
Have wings Pigeon Cuckoo Sparrow
Have feet Cow Goat Bear
Have a tail Monkey Cow Buffalo

5.Here are some incomplete pictures of animals. Complete them and write their names below.
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Poonams Day Out Q5
Ans. Dog ,Fish,Butterfly

Who Am I?
1.Find my name in the crossword and put a circle O around it. One example has been given.
1.Banana is what I love eating,
I spend my time jumping and leaping.
2.On the walls, webs I weave,
Where insects stick and cannot leave.
3.I remain awake the whole night,
And go to sleep in board daylight.
4. Croak, croak, croak is my sound,
In water or on land I am found.
5.I appear after rainfall,
Have no feet so I crawl.
6.Slow and steady is my pace,
I always win when there is a race.
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Poonams Day Out Who Am I Q1
Ans. 1. Monkey
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Poonams Day Out Who Am I Q1.1

2.Spend some time under a tree. Observe the animals carefully.
Name the animals which can be seen.
•On the branchy ———————    ———————    ———————
•On the leaves ———————        ———————    ———————
•On the trunk ———————         ———————       ——————— ‘
•On the ground ———————        ———————       ———————
•Around the tree . ———————       ———————      ———————
Ans. •On the branches Parrot Crow Monkey
•On the leaves Beetle Caterpillar Grasshopper
•On the trunk Squirrel Ant Termite
•On the ground Rat Snake Rabbit
•Around the tree Cow Dog Cat

3.Now arrange these animals in the order of their size—smallest being the First:
Ans. 1.Termite 2.Ant 3.Beetle 4.Caterpillar
5.Grasshopper 6.Rat 7.Parrot 8. Crow
9.Squirrel 10.Snake 11.Rabbit 12. Cat
13.Dog 14. Monkey 15. Cow.

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