NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS The Plant Fairy

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS The Plant Fairy



1.Can you name the plant on which Didi was sitting?
Ans. Yes, Didi was sitting on the grass (plant).

2.Have you seen a tree with a trunk as thick as the one shown in the picture?

Ans. Yes, I have seen such trees; for example the banyan tree.

3.Do all the leaves have similar colours, shapes and margins?
Ans. No, all the leaves have no similar colours, shapes and margins.

4.Collect a few leaves of plants like lemon, mango, neem, basil (tulsi), mint (pudina) and coriander (dhaniya). Crush the leaves and smell them. Do they all smell alike? Can you identify the leaves just by their smell?
Ans. No, all the leaves do not smell alike. Different leaves give different smells. We can identify some of the leaves by their smell.

5.Look at the rubbings made by the others. Are the rubbings of different plants similar?

Ans. No, the rubbings of different plants are not similar.

6.Which leaf gave a good rubbing?
Ans. Leaves with rough surface gave good rubbing.

7.In case of which tree was the rubbing of the trunk difficult? Why?
Ans. In case of trees with plain and soft trunk surface; rubbing is difficult. A rough surface makes it easy to get an imprint by rubbing.

8.Look at the picture and name the things which have patterns of leaves and flowers on them.
Ans. Following things have patterns of leaves and flowers on them:
Bedsheet, Wall painting, Pillow, Book, Pant of the girl, and carpet.

9.You must have seen many plants and trees. How many of them.
Ans. Neem, Banyan, Mango, Guava, Black berry, Ashok, Rose, Basil.

10.Are there any plants that you have heard of, but never seen? “
Ans.Saffron, Apple, Almond, Cashew, Cactus, Oak, Spruce, Pitcher plant.

11.Ask some older people if there were plants which they have seen when they were children but are not seen these days.
Ans. Harsingar, Kadam, Semal.

12.Also, ask them if there are any plants which can be seen these days, but which were not seen earlier.
Ans.Bonsai of various plants, Tulip, Rose of unusual colour, etc.

Friendship with a Tree
Choose a tree near your school or house and make friends with it.
A lasting friendship!
1.What tree is it? Ask some elders if you don’t know.
Ans. Neem.

2.Will you like to give your friend a special name? What will you name it?
Ans. Yes, I will name it a ‘Green Friendly Giant’.

3.Does the tree bear flowers or fruits? Which ones?
Ans. This tree bears both; flowers and fruits.

4.How do the leaves of the tree look?
Ans. Leaves are small, narrow and pointed. Their edges look like the blade of a saw.

5.Do birds or animals live in the tree? Which ones?
Ans. Yes, many birds and animals live in the tree. Example: Monkey, Parrot, Squirrel, Sparrow, etc.

6.Find.out more about your tree friend and share it with others.
Ans. Do it yourself (Hint: You can take photograph of the tree and share it with your friends.)

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