Rakhi – The Story of Future Pura

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Rakhi – The Story of Future Pura

According to a legend of the future Purana, once the gods and demons (monsters) fought for twelve years, the gods were not victorious. Sadly, due to the fear of Indra defeat, Devguru went to discuss with Jupiter. On the suggestion of Guru Jupiter, Indra’s wife, Maharani Shachi, prepared on the day of Shravan Shukla Purnima, prepared a dakshakutra with law and legislation and in the presence of Brahmin with Swasti Vachan, Indrani built this thread in the right wrist of Indra, which in turn resulted in all the gods, including Indra Demons conquered

During the defense legislation, the following chanting was done, which is still practiced today:

“Yen Baadabali Raja Danvendro Mahabal:.

Danavendro ma le mo ma na .. .. ”

The meaning of this mantra is that you will bind you with the great king of demons who were bound by the sacrifice. This is Raksh (Doctor) You do not move, do not move.

It was the morning of the full moon of the Shravan massacre of the defense legislation that the defense bond came into existence and the full moon of the auditory month was celebrated.

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